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your business? For both large and small businesses alike there must always be a consideration of "how can we be seen and heard?". Marketing is essential to growing and creating a successful company. color shift Car wraps made of vinyl are a great method of achieving marketing items because of their low cost and impact. Cost Effective With a wrap for your vehicle, you can pick a wide range of choices and still remain within your budget. color shift If you're on a budget, you could consider the partial wrap. There are a variety of options (and Wrap Guys can assist you with that). The best part about a wrap is that it is an investment that will pay off. Long-lasting

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A vinyl wrap could last as many as 9 years, and can range from a single wrap that costs as little as $697 up to $2495 for an entire wrap. color shift For a complete wrap, you are looking at $277 for the year or just $23 a month for a span of 9 years. It could be a significant drop on your marketing budget, and ensure your the future with a lot of success. Low Cost per Impression Unlike a billboard, which remains in one location and can't be moved towards a new audience the vehicle wrap could be displayed in multiple locations over the time of the week. Your brand will be seen by people who reside in your location. This results in thousands of impressions per month. color shift The cost is approximately 2 cents per impression to get a complete car wrap. We aren't aware of another way to explain the cost of the marketing department of your company. High Impact So now that we have established the cost benefit of wrapping, what is its effectiveness? It's your choice. Your brand's voice can be as loud as you want to it to be. With a clear and concise message you can turn a lot of heads. A well-designed and attractive wrap can help your company stand out in a crowd at a red light or in a parking lot. color shift wrap color shift We can help you do that. It's a striking piece of promotional material that entices customers to take the first step towards choosing your business. Wrap Guys has many years of experience wrapping vehicles for a variety of companies. We're excited to utilize our knowledge and experience to help each and every one of our clients' businesses grow. color shift If you are interested in knowing what the largest impact of a new wrap on your business and how much it will cost you, ask for a quote below or call us at 604-996-6389.

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